How To Be More Attractive To Women

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If you are currently in a dating rut and believe you have tried everything but still can’t seem to attract the opposite sex read on...

If I were to say that your attraction with women is at least 90% psychological you would likely call B.S. right?

If I were to say that your appearance has very little to do with attracting women you would also think I’m nuts right?

If you have two guys with exactly the same humour and confidence: one ugly one attractive : yes the more attractive guy will do better with women... but you will be surprised at how wee the funny confident guy does!

Because we are such visual people we automatically and falsely assume that women are attracted to looks.


Looks are important but not nearly as important as how you act.

If you want to be more attractive to women the first step would be to work on

- Confidence

- Personality

But first lets get that 5% of your life that you think is so important out of the way so you have NO excuses.


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Your Appearance

If you really think that your appearance is whats holding you back then all you need to do is:

Get in shape (get slim by running with meal plans – you can also do some gym work)

Wardrobe (you will know deep down if your cloths suck)

A good test is to remember when you last bought clothes – if you haven’t bought clothes in the last 5 years you could be out of touch. All you really need is a smart pair of jeans and a dress shirt for the night. And play is casual with shorts t shirt and sandals during the day (personal preference)

Once your in shape with some good clothes on your back you have no excuse...

The real game starts here

In order to be more attractive with women you need to start acting the right way...

The best way for me to explain this to you is give you an example.

Watch the video below and watch how kassem acts.

He does everything to women that triggers attraction

(I’m not saying he’s unattractive but he is a good example of a confident personality)

Reasons why kassem will have no trouble attracting women

He’s a likable character

He compliments women where necessary but does it indirectly

He makes women laugh

He’s confident and forward (controlling the conversation)

He puts women down (letting them know that he’s not impressed by their beauty) Even if you clearly are attracted, and they know you are...

At least you have the balls to stand up and jokingly put hot women down. They will be impressed as not many men do this.

So what did you think of the video? You should watch it if you haven’t. Kassm goes up to random people and does interviews.
Occasionally with attractive girls as shown above.

Is he serious? No

Is he trying to impress them? No

In fact he acts quite the opposite (likely not intentional but it sure works)

Even if your not funny like kassemg you sure can use his approach to increase your success with women. Just give it a try.

This attraction thing is pretty hard because there is a fine line between freaking the women and actually triggering female attraction.

Notice how kassem quickly “apologizes” if he thinks he has gone too far and hurt the girls feelings. He doesn’t care if the are not attracted to him he is simply their to get interesting conversation started.

If you really want to be more attractive to women you need to practice mimicking successful guys. Guys who act a certain way, they act with confidence and playful arrogance.

It’s not about what cologne you use or if your fat or not. Kassem wears wolf t shirts and glasses!

Get out there and eliminate your fear of rejection by not caring whether a women likes you or not just go up to them and start conversation.

Remove the pressure that YOU place on yourself. The conversation doesn’t need to be a success or have an outcome!

Just chat to women, joke about their hair style, mimic kassem g’s style or pick someone you can relate to.

Remember the conversation need not have a start or end or be a success or failure. You are just there to practice being more playful and confident with women.

You can learn to be more attractive to women by studying successful men. Men who act a certain way without really trying to are the ones you want to study. It wont be easy at the start so keep an open mind. Failures are just a stepping stone to greater success with women.

You wont be more attractive to women without failing in conversation a few times (or lots of times) So embrace the fail and learn from it.

You are not trying to “pick up” women. So there is no need to be armed with pick up lines.

RELAX – remove the pressure to perform that you have placed on yourself. It is the biggest barrier to your success with women.

It does not matter whether the conversation goes well or not.

Becoming more attractive to women is a process – learn and grow as a man and you will soon find hot women to be just as approachable as anyone else.